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Laminate Services


We refer to our laminate doors as “maintenance-free” for a reason—they’re designed to be easy to keep clean.

Cost Effective

Since they don’t require nearly as much hardwood lumber as wood cabinet doors, laminate cabinets almost always come with a lower price tag.

Reliably Durable

A lower price doesn’t have to mean lower quality—especially when it comes to our laminate cabinets!


Graur Kitchen Cabinet Guys

Refacing and refinishing are completely different kitchen remodeling process.

At Kitchen Cabinet Guys we simplify the refacing process for you!

When refacing, an installer removes the doors and drawers, LAMINATES the existing cabinet and doors in the NEW color, style and MATERIAL then reinstalling all doors and drawers.

Refinishing requires SANDING the existing cabinets, doors and drawers and then paint. Refinished cabinet surfaces are usually very beautiful at first, but often chip or scratch easily, and can crack or discolor within a few weeks or months of exposure to heat and moisture.

Laminate refacing lets you keep your existing kitchen intact while completely transforming its appearance.