Why Choose 3D Laminate Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing offers numerous advantages over traditional cabinet replacements. In the past, if you wanted to transform the look of your cabinets, you’d have to pull the existing cabinets out and start from scratch.

That’s no longer the case! Our engineered 3D laminate cabinet refacing process allows us to update the LOOK of your kitchen by simply applying a 3D laminate coating to your EXISTING cabinets and vacuum pressed laminate on your doors and drawers.

Cabinet Refacing is durable and contribute to long-lasting products that look great not only when installed but also for many years thereafter.

Transform your kitchen in less time, with less stress, at an amazing value —in as few as 3-5 days! Cabinet Refacing is more affordable and very easy to maintain.

Modern 3D Laminate Will Surprise You!

The benefit of using 3D Laminate Cabinet Refacing includes:

  1. Cabinet Refacing on the EXISTING kitchen cabinets with NEW designs, colors or wood grain imitations.
  2. No paint used and no dust.

Technology has allowed laminated doors to look just like their wood counterparts. Laminate doors are offered in hundreds of different styles. The most popular colors in laminate doors are white, grey, and dark wood, though there is also the ability to glaze colors to your liking.