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Increase the Resale Value of the House by Refacing Cabinets

cabinet refacing
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From minor kitchen renovations to a full kitchen remodel, you'll want to ensure your kitchen is in prime condition if you're planning to sell your home. Upgrading your interior design through cabinet refacing is one of the smartest investments you can make to boost your home’s resale value. The process of refacing cabinets entails replacing old, dated cabinet doors and drawers with new 3D laminate that gives your cabinetry a fresh, modern look for a fraction of the cost of full cabinet replacement. Refacing utilizes your existing cabinet boxes so it's a budget-friendly choice. With stylish new doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, your dated cabinets will appear completely transformed and refaced. Refacing your outdated cabinets instantly gives your cabinets an updated, high-end feel that homebuyers will appreciate. Join our team at Kitchen Cabinet Guys as we explore this important topic.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to update the look of your cabinetry without paying for a full remodel. The process involves replacing the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Existing cabinet boxes and interior structures remain intact. Refaced cabinets instantly modernize the kitchen's aesthetic. Potential homebuyers recognize updated cabinets as a smart investment that increases resale value. The process is budget-friendly compared to new custom cabinetry, yet still makes the kitchen appear fresh, stylish, and recently remodeled. Refacing kitchen cabinets is an easy upgrade that can significantly boost your home's appeal to buyers.

How Does Refacing Cabinets Add Value?

When preparing to sell your home, refacing your outdated cabinets is a strategic upgrade that boosts resale value to transform your existing cabinets. Cabinet refacing cost is significantly less than full replacement, making it a budget-friendly option. Rather than getting brand-new cabinet doors altogether, you can spend up to 75% less to give your kitchen updated cabinet door fronts, shelves, and hardware. This minor investment goes a long way, as refaced cabinets allow you to recoup over 80% of project costs through the increased resale value of your home. Refacing provides instant visual appeal and functionality that buyers want, at a fraction of the price of custom cabinetry. Look at cabinet refacing as an opportunity to maximize your home’s ROI by affordably enhancing one of the most important rooms to potential buyers.

Cost-Effective Options to Upgrade Your Cabinets

Refresh your home's style affordably by 3D laminating your cabinet doors. This budget-friendly options upgrade cabinets with new fronts instead of expensive full replacements.

3D Laminating

Many cabinets that are in rough shape can benefit from using 3D laminate on existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By adding new 3D laminate fronts to your existing cabinet boxes, you can update the style and color of your cabinets without the high cost of full cabinet replacement. Laminate sheets are available in many wood-grain and solid color options to match any decor. Upgrading just the fronts keeps costs low while still dramatically changing the look of your outdated cabinets.

Thermofoil Cabinet Refacing

Another economic alternative to completely replacing your old cabinets is refacing your existing cabinets with new thermofoil. Thermofoil sheets are a decorative paper layer fused to medium-density fiberboard, creating a durable and affordable product for refacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Refacing with thermofoil allows home sellers to refresh the look of their cabinetry by installing new fronts on their existing cabinet boxes. Keep in mind that most professionals turn to 3D laminate over thermofoil.

Cabinet Doors Replacement

Rather than adding a layer or getting new cabinets, some choose to replace their existing cabinet doors with new doors. Again, this is an easy and affordable way to give your cabinetry a fresh new look. Simply removing old, outdated doors and drawer fronts and installing new replacement doors gives an instant facelift. You can choose replacement doors in almost any material and style to match your decor. The benefit of keeping existing cabinet boxes is cost savings, while still achieving the look of brand-new furniture. New doors offer visual impact and completely transform the style of your cabinets at a fraction of the cost of full cabinet replacement.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

When upgrading your home before putting it on the market, you have two main options for updating worn-out cabinets: full cabinet replacement or cabinet refacing. Refacing your existing cabinet boxes is the more cost-effective approach, saving you 30% to 50% compared to complete replacement. With refacing, you maintain your existing cabinet boxes while new veneered surfaces and hardware are installed over damaged exterior surfaces and door fronts. This transformative process provides a fresh, updated look at a more affordable price point. Refacing utilizes your existing structural framework so you can dramatically improve the appearance of your cabinetry while avoiding the higher costs of ripping out and replacing all cabinets.

Top 3 Reasons to Reface Your Cabinets

Top 3 Reasons to Reface Your Cabinets

Refacing cabinets offer a budget-friendly solution to update your interior without the hassle and cost of a full remodel. Here are three reasons to consider doing so.

The Kitchen and Bathroom: The Key Selling Points of Your Home

Refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a strategic minor renovation when preparing your home to sell. These rooms are selling points for potential buyers, so refreshing the cabinets makes an impact. According to local housing market data, refreshed cabinets typically regain over 80% of the refacing project's cost when the home is resold. Kitchen cabinet refacing provides a facelift at a fraction of the full replacement cost that home buyers will love. New cabinet fronts and hardware create a stylish, move-in-ready look homebuyers want without the existing homeowner spending more money.

Increase the Value of Your Home with Cabinets Refacing

When selling your home, prospective buyers in the real estate market will undoubtedly pay close attention to the kitchen. Your cabinets will be an essential focal point. Refacing your existing cabinet boxes provides cosmetic improvements like new doors, drawer fronts, and hardware that maximize visual appeal without blowing your budget on a full remodel. Refreshed cabinets appear clean, modern, and update storage space functionality. Even minor cabinet upgrades can get the cabinets in good shape and make the home look more move-in ready. Appealing, updated cabinets can be a deciding factor for buyers and help optimize your home’s resale value.

Design Matters

Design elements that appeal to potential buyers can increase your home’s value. In particular, dated kitchen cabinets detract from appeal, so refacing them with 3D laminate creates a modern, stylish look homebuyers want. This is a relatively quick project that offers clean lines and updated door fronts of refaced cabinets that make the space appear refreshed and well-maintained. Choosing neutral, on-trend colors and hardware finishes elevates the look further. Investing in this budget-friendly home's interior upgrade catches buyers’ eyes and makes a difference when deciding on the listing price. Refreshed cabinets cater to modern tastes and highlight that attention was paid to design details that today’s buyers find most desirable.

More Tips for Selling Your House

  • Improve the kitchen: This is one of the best investments you can make in a home and it's often the most important space to buyers. Renovate and update the kitchen with new appliances, countertops, cabinetry, etc. Potential buyers place a lot of value on updated, functional kitchen cabinets.
  • Update the bathrooms: Similar to the kitchen, renovating bathrooms can help your home sell. Replace fixtures, update to a new vanity, install new floors/tiles, etc. Make bathrooms feel fresh and modern.
  • Finish the basement: Finishing a basement adds usable living space, which buyers are looking for. If possible, add a bedroom, bathroom, and family room. Make sure the space is properly insulated and has good ventilation.
  • Improve curb appeal: Focus on projects that improve the exterior aesthetic of the home. For example, landscape the yard, power wash siding, paint the front door, install new lighting fixtures, etc. Good curb appeal can make an excellent first impression.
  • Replace flooring: Old, worn carpeting and flooring can make a home seem dated. Replace with new hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet floors throughout the house. Neutral-colored floors have the widest appeal.
  • Update fixtures and hardware: Swap out old outlets, lighting, and plumbing fixtures for newer, modern-looking ones. New hardware and fixtures make the home feel fresh.
  • Add storage space: Built-in shelving, closet organizational systems, attic conversions, etc. will appeal to many homeowners. Add storage wherever possible. Storage space is highly desirable for families and renters.
  • Improve energy efficiency: Insulation, new windows and doors, and a high-efficiency HVAC system show buyers that the home is comfortable and has reasonable utilities.
  • De-clutter and clean: Excess clutter and dirtiness can turn buyers away. Thoroughly clean the home and consider putting items in storage to declutter before listing.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Refacing Company

Refacing cabinets with 3D laminate is a proven method to increase the resale value of your house. By investing in this cost-effective upgrade, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your interior but also attract potential buyers with the durability and low maintenance these materials provide. Now that you know more about the benefits, it's time to take action. Contact Kitchen Cabinet Guys, the industry experts, to get a customized quote for your cabinet refacing project. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate the value and desirability of your home and to ensure your existing cabinets meet local market expectations.


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