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About Our Refacing, Repair, Replacement, and Manufacturing Processes

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Get a glimpse into our specialized processes at Kitchen Cabinet Guys. Here, we've detailed our methods for cabinet refacing, thermofoil cabinet door repair, and cabinet doors and decorative wall panels manufacturing. 

We ONLY use modern, durable 3D laminate from Omnova in all of our refacing services and use MDF for manufacture replacement cabinet doors & fronts or new decorative wall panels.

Cabinet Refacing Process

Step 1: Initial Assessment & Design

First, we conduct a thorough consultation to understand your needs and preferences. We help you select the ideal rigid 3D laminate from our vast collection that best enhances your space.

kitchen cabinets

Step 2: Workshop Preparation

In our workshop, we meticulously work on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We begin by removing the old coating, prepping the surface, applying the adhesive, and then adhering the new laminate using our vacuum press machine.

remove excess contact cement

Step 3: On-Site Preparation

Simultaneously, we work (whether it’s in your home, office, yacht, hotel, or any commercial building) on your existing cabinet boxes. We follow the same delamination process and surface preparation, ensuring they're ready for refacing.

our cabinet refacing thermofoil door repair process

Step 4: On-Site Application

We apply adhesive to all visible surfaces of the cabinet boxes and attach the 3D laminate, resulting in a perfect color match with your doors and drawer fronts.

apply contact cement

Step 5: Quality Check & Final Touches

The final step involves a detailed review of our work to ensure it meets your expectations and our high-quality standards. Your refurbished cabinets, now beautifully transformed with durable and modern 3D laminate, are ready to go!

new cabinets

Thermofoil Cabinet Door Repair Process

Step 1: Estimation & Planning

Whether locally or nationwide, we start with a comprehensive evaluation of your thermofoil cabinet doors. Clients send us pictures of their cabinets, and we prepare a detailed plan and estimate for the refacing process.

thermofoil cabinets

Step 2: Door Reception & Preparation

Once we receive the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we carefully delaminate the old coating. The prepared surfaces are then ready for the new 3D laminate application.

replace thermofoil cabinets

Step 3: Thermofoil Application

Rather than a simple repair, we perform a full refacing of your cabinet doors using high-quality 3D laminate. Our vacuum press machine ensures a seamless and sturdy bond, effectively rejuvenating your cabinets.

peeling thermofoil

Step 4: Quality Assurance & Shipping

Before shipping the refaced cabinet doors back, we perform a thorough quality check. This step guarantees that the doors meet our high standards of workmanship and your expectations.

thermofoil door repair process

Cabinet Doors Manufacturing Process

At Kitchen Cabinet Guys, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality, durable cabinet doors designed to enhance your interiors. Harnessing the advanced technology of CNC machines, we can produce standard and bespoke door designs, all crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Step 1: Design Selection or Creation

Choose from our vast selection of popular models like Shaker, Raised Panel, and many more. If you desire something unique, we're ready to bring your design to life, thanks to the versatility of our CNC machines.

peeling thermofoil cabinets

Step 2: Precision Cutting & Crafting

Once a design is finalized, we employ our CNC machines to cut and shape each door with exactness. Our experienced craftsmen oversee the process to ensure each piece meets our strict quality standards.

fix peeling thermofoil cabinets

Step 3: Thermofoil Application

Post-crafting, each door receives our top-grade 3D laminate coating via a vacuum press. This guarantees a flawless, robust, and stunning finish that'll withstand time and usage.

plastic vinyl layer laminated

Step 4: Quality Check & Delivery

Finally, we perform a thorough quality check on each door before it leaves our workshop.

thin pvc vinyl material

Decorative Wall Panels Manufacturing Process

Decorative Wall Panels Manufacturing Process

At Kitchen Cabinet Guys, we blend artistry with functionality to craft decorative wall panels that elevate your space. Using top-notch MDF as our base material, the manufacturing process mirrors that of our cabinet doors, with an added touch of creativity.

With CAD technology at our disposal, we have the freedom to experiment and bring to life a wide variety of panel designs. Whether you're drawn to classic patterns or have a unique concept in mind, our cutting-edge CNC machines and experienced craftsmen ensure every detail is intricately carved into our panels.

After crafting, each MDF panel is coated with rigid 3D laminate through a meticulous vacuum press process, assuring durable and appealing panels. These panels don't just transform the aesthetic appeal of your space; they are also long-lasting, retaining their allure for years.

Embrace innovation and creativity with our decorative wall panels. Let Kitchen Cabinet Guys help you transcend the ordinary.

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