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Elevate your Bloomingdale kitchen with our bespoke cabinet refacing services. Kitchen Cabinet Guys specializes in transforming your space with over 200 color and style options, perfectly blending with your Bloomingdale home’s unique aesthetic. Experience a seamless blend of classic charm and modern sophistication in your kitchen renovation.

Cabinet Refacing in Bloomingdale, Illinois

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Your trusted local experts in cabinet refacing, serving Bloomingdale

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Experience the ease of refacing without replacing doors and drawer fronts

Quality Cabinet Refacing Services in Bloomingdale, IL

At Kitchen Cabinet Guys, we specialize in bringing new life to kitchens in Bloomingdale, IL through our professional kitchen cabinet refacing services.

Our approach revitalizes your existing kitchen cabinets with premium 3D laminates, providing a fresh look without the expense and hassle of full cabinet replacement. Our refacing services are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to a complete kitchen overhaul.

How to get started:

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Client Testimonials from Bloomingdale

Hear from our satisfied customers in Bloomingdale who have experienced the remarkable difference our cabinet refacing services have made in their homes.

  • Cabinet Guys came in a scheduled time, offered extremely compatible market price, and finished the project in 3 days. I’ve been getting so many compliments on my kitchen since then. I’ll be referring all of my friends.

    Gunay Shafa Maher

  • Recently got my kitchen updated. They were oak and got it refaced to white. Andrei was very knowledgeable and he did a great job and the results were top notch. Love our new kitchen. Most importantly there was no harsh chemicals or solvents used unlike in spray painting, which ensured there wasn’t any VOC to deal with.

    Dheepak Shunmugavel

  • These guys used vinyl laminate over my old laundry room cabinet doors. It came out awesome. Small project but saved a lot of money. They laminated the door front and I matched and painted the boxes. Interesting process. Looks perfect. Very responsive and professional. Thinking about doing the whole kitchen now.


  • They did an unbelievable job transforming my kitchen!!! I did research for years and could not find what I wanted or could afford. I finally found this company and it’s beyond all my expectations! During these times, saving money is so important, so this was the smart way to go!! So Happy!!!

    Sally Grippo

  • This Guy is amazing, I’ve got like new kitchen in less than 3 days, love it, GREAT JOB, I’m very happy.

    Victoria Rusu

  • Working with Andrey, beginning with the initial consultation stage through the completed project, was a pleasure. We love our new kitchen! We would recommend anyone considering a kitchen renovation to choose Kitchen Cabinet Guys!

    Leonyd Lambert

  • We just redone cabinets in our kitchen and both bathrooms. Working with Andrey, beginning with the initial consultation stage through the completed project, was a pleasure. We love our new transformed cabinets. Great job! We would recommend anyone considering a kitchen renovation to choose Kitchen Cabinet Guys!

    Sofia Lambert

Why Choose Kitchen Cabinet Guys in Bloomingdale?

Locally Owned and Operated

We bring a personal touch with our Chicago roots, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and quality in every kitchen renovation project in Bloomingdale.

Affordable and Efficient

Our cabinet refacing offers a budget-friendly alternative to new cabinets, providing a brand-new look at a fraction of the cost.

Refacing Without Replacement

Keep your kitchen's original layout intact while boosting both style and functionality.

Flexible Financing Options

We offer a variety of financing plans to make your kitchen renovation more accessible.

Partnership with Omnova

Our use of top-quality 3D laminates from Omnova ensures a superior finish for your refaced cabinets.

Custom Design Choices

Select from a wide range of door styles, from classic shaker to sleek raised panel doors, tailoring your kitchen to your exact preferences.

Ready for a Kitchen Makeover?

Book a free consultation today and discover how Kitchen Cabinet Guys can revitalize your kitchen space!

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Material & Design Options for Bloomingdale

Kitchen Cabinet Guys offers a wide variety of over 200+ color and style options to cater to the distinct tastes of our Bloomingdale clients. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional charm of classic designs or prefer the clean lines of contemporary styles, our diverse range ensures a bespoke transformation for your Bloomingdale kitchen. We focus on blending functionality with aesthetics, ensuring your kitchen makeover complements your home’s unique character and your personal design preferences.

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Other Refacing and Repair Solutions

Cabinet Doors Replacement

Cabinet Doors Replacement

Replace just your cabinet doors with new 3D laminate styles to refresh your kitchen's look on a budget.

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Thermofoil Door Repair

Thermofoil Door Repair

We can repair damage to thermofoil cabinet doors through expert refacing.

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Business to Business Cabinet Refacing

Business to Business Cabinet Refacing

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Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

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FAQs for Cabinet Refacing in Bloomingdale, IL

Can cabinet refacing in Bloomingdale accommodate both modern and classic kitchen designs?

Absolutely! We offer over 200 color and style options, ensuring our cabinet refacing services in Bloomingdale can cater to both modern and classic design preferences, perfectly aligning your cabinets with your kitchen's aesthetic.

How long does a typical cabinet refacing project take in Bloomingdale?

A typical cabinet refacing project in Bloomingdale can vary in duration, but most are completed efficiently within a few days, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Is cabinet refacing a sustainable choice for kitchen renovations in Bloomingdale?

Yes, cabinet refacing in Bloomingdale is an eco-friendly option. It reduces waste by utilizing existing cabinet structures, thereby contributing to sustainable home improvement practices.

Do you provide custom kitchen design and custom cabinetry in Bloomingdale, Illinois?

Bloomingdale homeowners can benefit from our custom kitchen designs and cabinetry, tailored to precise specifications for a modern, high-tech look. Inquire for personalized options.

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