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What Is Cabinet Refacing: A Complete Guide

cabinet refacing

Are you seeking a way to upgrade your kitchen without having to replace your existing cabinets? You've probably heard of cabinet refacing and are now wondering: what is cabinet refacing exactly? 

Simply put, it's an efficient process that involves revamping the look of your kitchen cabinets while keeping the existing boxes intact. 

This post provides a comprehensive guide to cabinet refacing, outlining how you can completely transform your kitchen in a cost-effective way. So, sit back and join us on this journey as we unlock the secrets to an amazing kitchen refacing.

What Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Let’s answer “What is cabinet refacing?” in a more detailed way. 

Cabinet refacing, an essential part of kitchen remodeling, is a process that primarily involves changing the appearance of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. When you embark on a cabinet refacing project, you are essentially choosing to update your current kitchen while keeping the original cabinets. This method of kitchen cabinet refacing does not alter your kitchen's layout but provides an impressive transformation.

What is refacing cabinet doors? This part of understanding how to reface cabinets doors involves replacing or applying a new 3D laminate to the visible parts of your cabinets while leaving the cabinet boxes intact. It's a strategic method to revamp your kitchen's aesthetic without full-scale demolition. This option is particularly favorable if you have high-quality cabinet boxes that are still in good condition. With cabinet refacing, you give your kitchen a brand-new look without the high cost associated with installing new custom cabinets.

The Cabinet Refacing Process

So what does refacing cabinets really mean? Here's what's involved in refacing kitchen cabinets:

  • Remove Your Doors: The refacing process commences by removing the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We protect the integrity of the cabinet boxes and allow for a thorough evaluation of the existing layout and hardware such as door hinges and drawer pulls. This step affords the opportunity to enhance the kitchen layout and add new hardware to your new doors.
  • Cabinet Refacing: Cabinet refacing involves the application of a new 3D laminate to the surface of the cabinet boxes. Unlike other companies, we do things differently and can actually resurface your existing doors and drawer fronts. Explore our laminate cabinet refacing and thermofoil cabinetry repair services.
  • New Doors & Drawers Installation: With the cabinet boxes beautifully refaced, it's time to install the new doors and drawer fronts. Our skilled team ensures perfect alignment, opening, and closing mechanisms, and the professional fit of each element. This installation breathes new life into your existing kitchen, ensuring your cabinets are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Evaluating Cabinets for Refacing

Before deciding to proceed with cabinet refacing, it's important to evaluate your current cabinets. Not all cabinet boxes are suitable candidates for refacing, even if they are sturdy and have been well-maintained. Here's what to look for:

  • Cabinet Box Construction: Cabinets with solid construction made of plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are the most suitable for refacing. 
  • Solid Hardwood Face Frames: Cabinets with face frames made of solid hardwood are ideal, as they can solidly anchor new doors and handle veneers well.
  • Good Internal Hardware: Ensure that drawer tracks and internal storage elements are in good condition. The cost to reface kitchen cabinets might not be worth it if you're dealing with damaged internal elements.

Basically, if your cabinets are robust, well-made, and in decent condition, then cabinet refacing is a viable option for your kitchen remodel.

What Is the Average Cost of Cabinet Refacing?


The answer to the question, "What is the average cost of cabinet refacing?" largely depends on several key factors. These include the material selection, the number, layout and condition of existing cabinets, and the required labor. By choosing cabinet refacing with Kitchen Cabinet Guys instead of undergoing a full kitchen remodeling, you can save up to 70% on the price.

Though professional services elevate the kitchen cabinet refacing cost, it's a worthwhile investment. Here at Kitchen Cabinet Guys, our unique process eliminates the need for complete replacement, enabling us to offer the best refacing costs on the market.

Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen cabinets, the option of refacing arises as a viable choice. Let’s dive into understanding cabinet refacing.

Pros of Cabinet Refacing

  • Cost-Effective: Refacing kitchen cabinets is typically a less costly endeavor compared to buying new cabinet boxes. This is especially beneficial if you are looking for a budget-friendly kitchen makeover.
  • Quick Transformation: Compared to a complete kitchen remodel, the process of kitchen cabinet refacing is quicker, and often completed within a few days. This reduces the disruption caused in your home.
  • Variety of Options: With cabinet refacing services, you have a multitude of choices when it comes to door styles, cabinet hardware, or laminate doors. This allows you to customize your kitchen to match your style and preferences.
  • Eco-friendly: Cabinet refacing is an environmentally-friendly approach as it allows the cabinet boxes to stay in place, reducing waste materials and conserving resources. This method only replaces the cabinet fronts, saving your existing cabinets from the landfill.
  • Enhances Home Value: An updated, modern-looking kitchen can significantly boost your home's value, making refacing a wise investment.

Cons of Cabinet Refacing

  • Interior Unchanged: While the exteriors of the cabinets are transformed, the interiors, including drawer boxes, remain the same. If your cabinets' interiors are worn out, refacing may not be the best choice.
  • Layout Restrictions: If you're unhappy with your current kitchen layout, refacing cabinets won't change that as it doesn't alter the structure of your kitchen.
  • Professional Assistance Required: Learning how to reface kitchen cabinets is hard. The process of refacing requires professional skills for the best results. It can be challenging for homeowners to tackle this project independently.

What Is the Difference Between Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing?


So what is the difference between refacing and refinishing cabinets? Cabinet refacing and refinishing are two distinct methods of enhancing your kitchen's appearance. Cabinet refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors and keeping the existing cabinet boxes intact. The external appearance gets an upgrade, while the internal structure remains the same.

Now, cabinet refinishing revolves around sanding down the existing cabinet surfaces and applying a new stain or paint. This process transforms both the external and internal surfaces of the cabinets, including the cabinet sides. Thus, the question "what is involved in refacing kitchen cabinets?" contrasts with "how does cabinet refacing work?", as the latter pertains to refinishing, offering a more thorough cabinet transformation. 

Is Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Cabinet refinishing has proven to be a cost-effective and time-saving solution for many homeowners looking to breathe new life into their kitchens. One of the main reasons why refacing is considered a worthwhile investment is that it leverages the existing surface and structure of your old cabinet doors.

Instead of tearing out and replacing all the cabinets, refacing simply involves updating the look with a new door style, new knobs, or a fresh layer of veneer. This results in a significantly lower cost, without the hassle of comprehensive kitchen remodeling.

Additionally, the storage space inside your cabinets remains intact and undisturbed throughout the process. If the interior of your cabinets is in good shape and you're content with your current kitchen layout, opting to reface cabinets can be a smart, economical, and eco-friendly choice.

Reface Cabinet Doors with Kitchen Cabinet Guys

Our commitment at Kitchen Cabinet Guys is to offer you affordable and stylish solutions to revamp your kitchen. Leveraging natural woods and durable laminate veneer, our team specializes in refacing cabinets, offering your space a fresh appeal while maximizing countertop space. We believe in blending form and function, creating a kitchen refacing strategy that reflects your taste and accommodates your needs. 

With an understanding of the nuances that go into refacing cabinet doors, we ensure your existing kitchen footprint is fully utilized and enhanced. Reach out to us to discuss how we can collaborate on your kitchen transformation.


Is painting or refacing cabinets cheaper?

Generally, painting kitchencabinets can be less costly than refacing. However, cabinetrefacing provides a more durable and lasting solution, using materials like laminateveneer and naturalwoods to achieve a high-quality, refreshed look.

How long does cabinet refacing last?

Cabinetrefacing can last for decades, depending on factors such as the original condition of your cabinets, the quality of the refacing work, and how the cabinets are cared for post-refacing. Regular maintenance can extend the longevity of refaced cabinets significantly.

Do I need to hire a professional for cabinet refacing or can it be done as a DIY project?

While it is possible to learn how to reface cabinets yourself, it can be highly complex and time-consuming. Hiring a professional for cabinetrefacing ensures a high-quality finish, saves countertopspace, and it's typically the more stress-free route.

Does cabinet refacing come with any warranties?

Absolutely, at KitchenCabinet Guys, we stand firmly behind our workmanship with a comprehensive 1-year warranty for our cabinetrefacingservices. This robust warranty period is not just an assurance, but a testament to our unwavering confidence in the durability and quality of the work we deliver.

Is it cheaper to reface or replace cabinetry?

Typically, cabinet refacing costs around 50% to 70% less than replacing or installing semi-customcabinets. This is due to the use of existing cabinetboxes during refacing, which saves on materials and labor while still giving your kitchen a fresh, new look.

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